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Let's face it - Puppies, are just too much fun! However, rather than waiting until they are much older and have learned how to do things the wrong way, why not start teaching them to do things the right way from the beginning!? The Puppy Pre Skool programme gets owners and puppies on the right track to a successful happy future and covers key things such as housetraining, socialisation, mouthing, jumping and crate training. 

NONE - But all pups must be aged between 12 weeks, and 1 year


Ultimately, we all want and need some basic control over our loveable pets. Rather than being pulled down the road by a leash, its nice to have them walking with us, and being able to get our dogs to sit, or lay down and stay in place is a life changing benefit for both our dogs and us! Having friends over for dinner without Fido going crazy in the house, a nice sensible walk down the road, and no more bolting towards an open door...

NONE - But all pups must be aged between 12 weeks, and 1 year


The CGC title shows that your dog has achieved a really high level of general obedience, and also means that you have both developed a strong working bond which sets you up well for the future.

Focusing on honing your basic obedience by getting your dog to respond to you even when we add some more real life distractions into the mix. So you can take your dog to the coffee shop, or relax at the beach knowing they aren't going to cause a scene.

Like Skills and Manners General obedience course and at least 6 months of age.


For some of us, getting dogs to perform 'tricks' is everything. For others its viewed as something silly. However, the term 'trick' covers a range of topics, including advanced obedience behaviours. Ultimately, the best part of working towards trick titles is teaching your dog (and yourself!) to learn about chaining behaviours and further developing a super strong bond between you both!

NONE! But having some general obedience and life skills and manners would be useful!


The CGC Advanced - Community Canine Programme takes the training in with your dog to another level. Building on the basic CGC aspects we will work your dogs in more challenging environments and distracting settings, getting them to focus on you as a handler, and ignore what is presented to them. 

Canine Good Citizen certification. 


A relatively new programme to the AKC, the CGC Urban programme develops your dogs key skills and works them in a more focussed Urban environment. We all like to be out and about with our dogs, but we need to know they can operate in all surroundings and environments and deal with all manner or urban distractions. 

Canine Good Citizen Advanced certification. 

Shadow at BIS


Hanging out with a dog, can make someones day. That's the general ethos of Therapy Dogs. We have teamed up with the Therapy Dog Phuket Movement to develop a team of Dogs and Handlers who help expand our various Therapy Dog Programmes. In particular, we're keen to develop our Waggin' Tail Tutor programme which is doing fantastic work at local schools, helping children to develop their reading skills, build their confidence and generally feel better about themselves. So why not get your dog certified as a Therapy Dog, and join our team! 

Canine Good Citizen certification. 



Whether you have a dog who needs to shed a few pounds, you're looking for a canine running partner or you just fancy some nice long walks and hikes - we can create a fitness programme to suit. With fun, interactive activities designed to suit your individual dogs physiological needs and restrictions, getting your dog super fit, will be super fun. 


You've probably noticed that your dog has a nose, but you may not realise just how effective that nose actually is! Our NoseWork programmes are super fun and get your dog to solve puzzles, using their nose, which leads to some fabulous fun and interaction!




With running, jumping, weaving, scrambling and dashing through tunnels all in the mix - Canine Agility is just fab fun for dogs and owners too. It's open to all dogs that have an interest and super fitness is not required as we'll help the dogs get through each course at their own pace. 



For the most part, all dogs can swim. But just like us, they need to learn, and some are evidently better than others. Swimming is fabulous exercise for our dogs as its non impact, like running, and helps them get a good stretch. Our swim programmes are designed for each dog to not only get them swimming, but also help them understand water entry and exit. 


It's a funny old world these days, and the need for personal or family protection and security is never far from our minds. As such, we offer specialist family protection dogs for sale. All our dogs are incredibly stable, family and children friendly, but trained to respond to intruders and unwanted 'visitors'. Please contact us directly for more information.




Behavioural problems in our dogs can often be a cause of concern and, if untreated, have serious implications. Aggression can be a particular problem for many dog owners because it is very often misunderstood, and at the same time owners can be making things worse, whilst all the while truly trying to make things better.

Reactivity towards other dogs, strangers or even family members, food and resource guarding issues, separation anxiety, self-mutilation, hyperactivity, excessive barking and many others are also very common behavioural issues.

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