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Import and Export Help

Image by Andrew Pons

Our dogs, are our family. Where we go, they go. Moving house is one thing, but moving country can be quite tricky. 

Here at Canine Point we have a dedicated team that specialise in International Pet Transport to help
get your pets to where you need to go.

Image by Belinda Fewings

Flights and Paperwork

We handle all the paperwork to ensure you have the right import and export permits that you need for your destination, and can assist with airline bookings. For pets arriving in Phuket, we can arrange to have them collected at the airport and delivered to you. 


Veterinary Checks

Our veterinary team will complete and certify your pets with their mandatory pre-travel checks with provide accompanying certification. This includes all microchipping, and required blood work through IATA accredited bodies.

Happy Puppy

Stress Reduction

Moving can be stressful, so let us help reduce that stress by taking on the process of getting your pets where they need to be! We can also help get your dogs properly crate trained, to make sure they are safe and comfortable on their travels.

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