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Dog Training in Phuket, Thailand

Our main goal is to help owners and dogs maximise communication skills in order to improve overall behaviour. So regardless of your dog's breed, size, or age, we have a range of dog training programmes to suit your needs. We also tailor our approach for each dog/owner, focusing on what will work best for each team.

Our onsite programmes allow for dogs to focus and learn new skills, that we will later adapt and develop as we move to our offsite settings. Dogs learn with pictures, so its important we work in as many different settings with our dogs as we can.


We have three training format options:

Dog Training

Private classes take place at our facility with one owner, their dog, and the trainer. We work with owners as much as we do the dogs, essentially training owners to train their dog. Between weekly sessions, owners and dogs can practice before we introduce new skills.

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about private dog training.

Dog Training

Group classes are similar to private classes, but with more owners and more dogs in each group. Of course we cap attendance so as to ensure each owner and dog still receives individualized attention, and they can both still practice new skills at home before the next class. 

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Dog Training

With this option, owners drop off their dog and our trainers work the dogs for a set duration of time. Dogs work alone or with others, depending on their skill level. All dogs get their own climate controlled room and covered outdoor patio for them to enjoy during their stay.

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dog training.

Dog Training Programmes

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Image by Charles

AKC Star Puppy

Puppies are all fun and games... until they're not. One day they're an adorable ball of fur, and before you know it, you wonder what you've got yourself into. The Puppy Pre Skool Programme gets owners and puppies on the right track to a successful happy future, and covers key things such as housetraining, socialisation, mouthing, jumping and crate training.


All pups must be aged between 12 weeks, and 1 year

Funny Pitbull Portrait

Life Skills

Basic obedience skills are important, but owners need to ensure their dog can perform reliably in a variety of real life settings - both at home and in public. This is what our life skills course is all about. We'll work on higher-level skill work such as dealing with distractions, controlling impulses, improving dog socialization, and more. The younger the better, but contrary to popular belief, we can teach old dogs skills. 


All pups must be aged between 12 weeks, and 1 year.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

CGC Awards

The American Kennel Club's three Canine Good Citizen titles (CGC, Advanced and Urban) show that your dog has achieved a standardised level of obedience, and our lead dog trainer is the only one in Thailand accredited by the AKC who can award your dog these titles.


These courses hone your dogs obedience skills by getting them to respond to you even as we add real life distractions into the mix.


Like Skills and Manners General obedience course and at least 6 months of age.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Fun Tricks

For some owners, getting dogs to perform impressive tricks is rewarding. For others, its viewed as a trivial novelty. However, the term 'trick' covers a range of topics, including advanced obedience behaviours. Ultimately, the best part of working towards trick titles is training dogs (and their owners) to learn about changing behaviours and further developing a strong bond between dogs and their owners.


NONE, but we suggest your dog has general obedience and life skills, and good dog manners before attending this dog training programme. 

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K9 Fitness

Does your dog need to shed a few pounds? Would you like to ensure your dog is physically fit? Or do you simply want to have a four-legged running partner?


In any case, our dog trainer can create a fitness programme to suit you, your dog, and both your needs. With fun, interactive activities getting your dog super fit, will be super fun.


K9 NoseWork

You've probably noticed that your dog has a nose, but you may not realise just how effective that nose actually is! Our NoseWork programmes are super fun and get your dog to solve puzzles using their nose, which leads to some interesting insights and productive interaction!


K9 Agility

With running, jumping, weaving, scrambling and dashing through tunnels all in the mix - Canine Agility is just fab fun for dogs and owners too. It's open to all dogs that have an interest and super fitness is not required as we'll help the dogs get through each course at their own pace.

Image by Linoleum Magazine

K9 Swim Time

For the most part, all dogs can swim. But just like us, they need to learn and some are better than others. Different to running, swimming is fabulous non-impact that helps them get a good stretch. In addition to swimming, our swim programmes include lessons on how to help them understand water entry and exit.


Behaviour Modification

Behavioural problems can be a major cause for concern and have serious implications for dog, owners, and others alike. Aggression can be a particular problem for many dog owners because it is often misunderstood, and at the same time owners can be making things worse, whilst falsely thinking they're making things better.  


Reactivity towards other dogs, strangers or even family members, food and resource guarding issues, separation anxiety, self-mutilation, hyperactivity, excessive barking and many others are also very common behavioural issues.

Our dog training will be tailored to each dog and its owner, ensuring progress is made as quickly and as effectively as possible.

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