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Helping kids. Helping people.

In conjunction with Therapy Dogs Thailand, based here in Phuket, Canine Point Academy is responsible for launching the hugely successful "Waggin' Tail Tutors" programme, currently running at the British International School, here in Phuket. Once a week, our dogs turn up at school, where the kids get to bring their books and read to them.


Designed to reduce the stigma around reading, and assist those students who need extra help, the Waggin' Tail Tutors are proving a massive success both with increased participation in student reading and an increase in reading development among the students.


It's little wonder that there is a waiting list, and huge fan fare from parents, students and teachers alike! Its win win for everyone, and the dogs certainly love the attention!


With the Canine Point dogs all trained and registered as Therapy Dogs, there's a range of other community programmes that they would love to get involved with. 


For more information, check out Therapy Dogs Thailand!

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